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My name is Alexis Manuelita Roth
and I am a Curandera Practitioner. I am apart of Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin (KTO) and  walk in the medicine of Maestra Cuahtli Cihuatl and Abuelita Casimira de la Rocha y Sanchez.

I have been walking with this medicine all my life, but I have been practicing for the last 2 + years. I am available for Platicas (heart to heart talks), Limpias (energy cleansings), House cleansings and Ceremonial Blessings. All of my interactions are intentional and from La Corazon. I am simply here to assist in the everyday struggle of life and bring peace and reassurance to everyone I meet. 

I feel truly called to this medicine by my Ancestors who have gone before me and Creator who has prepared a path for me. 


Curandera Services: About Us

Service Fee:

I don't charge for any of my services because this is not the tradition of my people.

I want to make sure that everyone can receive these services no matter what your current financial situation is at any time. Instead I accept donations in the form of candles, herbs, roses, food and money, but no donation is needed to be seen. If you feel led to give then please do and if you can't then don't. My concern is your overall well-being as you journey through this life, and being able to maintain healthy relationships with yourself and others.

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