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Doula Birth Services

Family Class

The family class invites you and your support person/people to learn about Lactation, Birth and what to expect postpartum. I also want to use this time to give support to whole families in figuring out together the best ways to support the birthing person and baby.

Three Prenatal Visits

The three prenatal visits include going over your goals/wants in your birth experience, pain relieving techniques, preparing a plan for postpartum care/meals and creating a keepsake for your baby and family.

Labor and Birth Care

Labor and Birth care includes being available for you and your family through labor, birth and after delivery. I also implement pain relieving techniques, light massage, advocating for your wants and needs in whichever birth setting you choose. My goal is that you are taken care of and comfortable.

Three Postpartum Visits

The Postpartum visits include a homecooked meal for each visit, making sure the birthing person has the support they need, help with household tasks and checking in with any lactation or formula questions or concerns. This is such an important time and the number one goal is that you feel supported and heard.

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Cost of Care

$50 - $550

This service is based on a sliding scale between these two price points and can be discussed in the FREE consultation.

Doula Birth Page: Price List
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